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Child theme displays incorrectly on public pages

  • notpoppy


    I’ve installed the Buddypress plugin on my blog and have begun adapting my theme to work with it using the BP Template Pack. However I’ve hit a problem with using the child theme which I can’t solve.

    I wanted to change the CSS of the admin bar. So I’ve created a file as follows in my theme:


    And I edited part of the admin bar theme to check it was working.

    However the changes I made only display on the site when I go into the dashboard. On public pages it still shows the original theme.

    I checked using Firebug and it shows that on admin pages it recognises the new .css file I’ve created and inherits the different styles from it. But that doesn’t happen on public pages.

    Any idea why this might be the case?

    I suspect I may have done something wrong with the BP Template Pack. I notice that if I deactivate that plugin I can still see the admin bar in dashboard pages but it disappears entirely from public pages.

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