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Child Theme question

  • Hi all

    This is probably an obvious answer, but I’m just after some confirmation. I’ve recently added Buddypress to my site, using the BP Template Pack. Having a nose around here, I see that people recommend creating a child theme instead of using the template pack (for various reasons). The codex instructions for creating a child theme look pretty straightforward (, but I was wondering if someone could confirm that I can run Buddypress as a child theme under a normal WordPress parent.


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  • modemlooper


    I think it depends of your site. If you have a blog site with social component added then stick with template pack. If you want more of a social site with a bit of blogging then i’d go with a full BP child theme.

    No wrong or right just different options. Upgrading a child theme is significantly easier than the template pack. Currently the template pack is two versions behind.

    At this stage, I’m looking at just using BP for internal site team use only e.g. for communications and organising people. We’re currently using Facebook Groups, which is good for our needs, but not everyone uses FB..



    I would add it as a sub domain then. You could do a different install all together or put your WP install into multisite mode and use the instructions in the link below.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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