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Chouf\\\'s friday night adventure with a funky upgrade to

  • danbpfr


    I updated from 1.2.1 to (on wpmu 2.9.2) during the night.

    Saturday morning i received a mail that annonced me “i” created a blog !

    Oups !

    I went to admin and see 1 new blog (called “Tableau de bord “= dashboard) and 2 new “dashboard” under the unique only one blog i have: buddypress france (now with 3 dashboard access).

    Wow !

    Also stuning, i see in the “my blogs” menu an item “My dashboard” witch is in french. I’m french so it’s normal especially as it’s me who translate BP to french…

    This expression does not exist under that form in the translation. Neither WPMU or BP… It can only exist by combining “My” and “Dashboard” who exist separatly… More strange (endless suspens) “Dashboard” is written with the first letter in upper case in the translation… So the string works with a first to upper on the first word and a low on the second word !!! A really complicated output… even if it’s correct finaly

    Ticket here:

    Also, a url problem (on the trac) whitch is also on the admin side.

    On the “new blog” Tableau de bord the url looks like this:

    Ticket is here:

    My main blog becames a subdomain blog during the update !!!

    Sorry but makes me laugh !

    What i did before updating: i deactivated bp and wouf: blank page on all the site. So i upgrade manually, deactivate all my plugins and all whas normal again… exept the above resume and all my “wp-ban” settings and all my WPMU banned urls had disappeared. (but i have copies, hé hé)

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