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Codecanyon BuddyPress plugins

  • Hi,

    On Themeforest we can see BuddyPress themes that are really great (more or less, for different purposes).
    I was not surprised though upset that there is no such category for BP plugins on Codecanyon. There is only WordPress plugins.

    So I decided to change this – created several plugins already and hope in the nearest future to make Envato moderators to create a Codecanyon BuddyPress plugins category. To do this we need:
    1) new plugins added there – so please, developer, try this marketplace, I can assist with advice
    2) good buying statistics by users – so please, don’t hesitate to buy smth if you like and want it. In that way you will reward the author. As you know only good looking and high-quality code is accepted on marketplaces.

    Currently we can search for BP plugins there only using tag BuddyPress or search form.

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