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Collabrative Document Plugin?

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    I’m building a social network for academics in the new media / game studies fields (perhaps expanding if the response from the test users is good).

    A major required component is the ability to post papers, work with friends on a paper, and a professors’ CV.

    I know this could be done by copy and pasting into a post of a “papers” category. Or by just adding the CV content to a page. And collaboration could be achieved by allow multiple editors to an article/paper. However, I don’t think that asking profs to do that will go well. It has be to brain-dead simple, or at least separate from Posts and Pages to make it easier to understand that Page/Post administration is one thing, and Document collaboration is another thing.

    Is there a plugin, or a some means of rigging up, a document manager tool. Something like GDocs would be bloody brilliant, but likely asking a bit much eh.


    Thanks for all the help!

    ~ Flynn (test site)

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    Paul Gibbs


    No BP plugin exists that does this. Your only option is to search for wpmu plugins that try to do this kind of thing.

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