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Comcast won't register

  • Moominmama


    I’m not posting this as a support question because I don’t think it’s a buddypress or wordpress issue. I’ve had people try to register at two different sites ( and hosted by two different hosts (OAS is at bluehost and SfSN is a virtualmin server at itx). When comcast users try to register, they don’t get an email and they don’t show up in the database (or the dashboard but that’s a given since they’re not in the database). I’ve tried changing the admin email thinking that was it but the deeper we got into it, the more we realized this isn’t on our end.

    So I’m just curious. anyone else noticed this? Also at what point does WordPress create the account? At first I thought that comcast was just blocking the email but now with no record of a registration at all, I’m thinking the email isn’t even getting sent, which is why I thought it was a buddypress/wordpress glitch. But we can only replicate this with comcast and not that it’s happening on two totally different installs, I think it’s a wacky comcast issue.

    Weird, eh?

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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