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Comment Moderation and Notifications

  • aleon4


    I want to moderate and receive notifications for comments. I have the appropriate options turned on in my WordPress Discussion Settings but the comments just post automatically as if there’s no moderation. Also comment/moderation notifications are not being sent. I tested whether emails are being sent from the website and the test notification emails are able to go through.

    I turned off all the plugins I could to see if it was another plugin’s issue – the only one I didn’t turn off was BuddyPress (since it’s a part of the theme). The comments were still bypassing moderation and notifications.

    We activated BuddyPress on another website whose comments/moderation was working to see if the BuddyPress plugin would break it. And it did break – all of a sudden the comments bypassed moderation and notifications.

    Since commenting is so integral to WordPress I was surprised that I was having this issue. Do you know if there’s something specific that I could check within the BuddyPress plugin?

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  • aleon4


    Multisite running WordPress 4.7.3
    BuddyPress Version 2.8.2
    BuddyBoss Social Learner theme -Using child theme
    Did not modify core files

    The other website we’ve tested on is using the WPLMS theme. Comment moderating/notifications were working until we activated BuddyPress.

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