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conceptual understanding with multisite (help please)

  • sayze35



    very frustrated here :) too many days/hours and I feel I’m still at step 1.

    anyway, I have WP 3.1 install with multisite (all is good)
    I installed buddypress ( on site id 1) the main blog (all is good)

    okay few things on what I want to do, so please correct me if any of this is wrong or bad thinking, etc.

    buddypress features/functions on the main site (like the forum) only
    on subsites, i would like to use buddypress plugins, etc. HOWEVER, I dont’ want another full install of buddy press, meaning…
    I don’t want a “whole new install of buddypress”. I dont’ want a whole new forum section.

    On the subsites, i would like the forum menu button to go to the main blog forum.

    for complete example: since its almost football season… say i have this:
    mainsite =
    subsite =
    subsite =
    subsite =

    main site has the main features (forum, groups, etc)
    the subsites will send the user to the big12 forum.
    I dont’ want texas site to have its own forums.

    so from concept level —- can that happen?

    also, i’m making a script to install many subsites. so automatically, when a new subsite is created, I don’t want to configure/setup/activate/etc. etc. any plugin or anything. I just want the sub blog to pull stuff (settings, plugins,etc) from the main blog and be done.

    network activate or not? i don’t know…. many plugins are not doing this correctly… seems many plugins have this broken.???

    FYI. in my script, while in the loop to create the subsites automatically, i’m good at php, where i can create or insert or edit various DB fields or tables… but learning WHAT to do has been a HUGE learning curve. hince my opening line of frustration.

    thanks for any guidance and/or help

    so i go to super admin, add another site

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  • techguy


    Sounds like you can do pretty much everything you want to do with 2 themes. One theme would be for the main site. The second theme would apply to all the subsites. With the theme you’ll be able to add links for users on the subsite to go to the main sites forum. In fact, with the theme on the subsite you can do incorporate whichever BuddyPress features you want them to have visible. You can either modify an existing theme or create a child theme from the default one:

    Depending on if you want the forums to be part of groups or not, you may want to investigate doing a stand alone install of bbpress or some of the global forum plugins I’ve seen mentioned.



    ahhhh.. thanks seems like a direction i need to look at…




    thanks… this is looking good.
    but got a problem/issue?

    so i followed the guide to doing a child theme (very easy — very nice to see that!!!)

    but when i make a sub site and activate the child theme…
    not everything carries over?

    example: i have a widget on the main blog, its just a html widget and i add stuff to the html.
    a) the widget does not show
    b) the html in the widget – obviously does not show

    I guess the widget content is stored in the option tables, BUT why doesn’t the widget carry over?

    OT – this drives me crazy. i have custom header image. On the main blog, i upload the new header image and it works.
    I see where the setting is at in the table. I then edit the image path to another place, where the same image is at.
    BUT it will not display. Why not? why can the image only be placed where the upload button puts it?

    as for the header image, I ONLY want 1 image on the server.
    I dont’ want each blog to store its own version of the header image.
    how do i make the child templates pull the SAME image file for theheader?


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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