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Conflict between BP jqueryCookie and Google DFP

  • bigsome



    First of all excuse my english… I’m new on WP/BP forums but years of experience on building sites with WordPress.

    I´ve just finished a news site with WordPress (4.5), Buddypress (2.5.2), heavily modified Barcelona theme and some plugins like: Wordfence, Cookie Advice, Jetpack, Visual Composer just to name a few.

    As a magazine/news website, my client has some banners to show on page. Typical IAB standard banners (728×90, 300×250, etc…) First I added their smartadserver tags and found that banners load properly, but immediately disappear. Tried to deactivate some plugins but didn’t work, so, as long as I don’t have any experience with smartadserver I decide to migrate adserving to Google DFP (Doubleclick For Publishers). What’s my surprise when I found that with DFP scripts it did the same (banner loads and disappears). Testing with Google Publisher Console reports no errors, impressions are counting ok, even one or two clicks…

    I had no clue about what could be hiding ads after loading so started to test line-by-line, removing js to check which one could be modifying DFP tags or rendered iframe… And I found that disabling “/wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-core/js/jquery-cookie.min.js” solve the problem.

    Now, the question/s is/are =) :

    ¿Is that a bug? ¿What happens if I remove jquery-cookie from BP core? (I know that’s not a good fix ’cause it will be loaded again on plugin update) ¿Is there a smart way to do that? (like wp_dequeue_script( ‘bp-jquery-cookie’ ); or something similar).

    ¿Any idea on how to handle this without removing jquery-cookie or losing functions related?


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