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Conflict between BuddyPress Registration page and plugin ‘Register Plus Redux’

  • I installed the plugin Register Plus Redux because of the flexibility of the registration fields. However, the BuddyPress registration page overrides it, and I’m not sure how to either integrate the two, or make the plugin function.
    I saw that someone had posted this question already, but it didn’t resolve in a way that helped my situation.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  • I don’t think there’s any way of integrating these two similar, but different, beasts. What type of registration field do you find BuddyPress lacking in? Privacy options?

    Thanks for replying.
    Well, we have a very specific, slightly unorthodox, design in mind for the registration page. For one, the plugin’s ‘Disclaimer’ box is exactly what I was looking for, without trying to edit any BuddyPress code (which I would prefer not to do). It just seems more flexible, especially since I am somewhat of a beginner in the world of web building and design.
    So, I suppose my question is this: can I use the plugin registration form instead of the one that came with BuddyPress?

    I am very sorry for bumping, but this is sort of a crucial problem I need to fix, as this website is somewhat time-sensitive. If anyone has an idea on how to remedy it, I would be extremely grateful.
    Again, I am just looking for a way to use the plugin instead of the default registration page.

    I’d be interested if hearing if someone has figured out a way to use the Register Plus Redux plugin with BuddyPress…

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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