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Confused about where things get posted

  • So I’ve finally launched my BuddyPress site and now that it’s a living thing that people are using I’ve noticed something that seems confusing and clunky to me… it’s the “reply” button in activity streams. If you see a forum post in the stream and then click “reply”… your reply only goes into the stream… not into the forum thread?! This seems very unintuitive! If the original poster started his discussion as a forum post… when you reply… the reply should go into the thread. He may miss it if it only goes into the stream. And others reading the forum thread will absolutely miss it. I’ve resorted to posting my replies in BOTH places. I really don’t understand the rational behind this design discussion. Seems wrong to me. My apologies if this is something that has come up before.

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  • under buddypress settings “Disable activity stream commenting on blog and forum posts?:”

    all the activity stream does is takes an excerpt of the forum topic/posts – so there is a division of conversation if left enabled.



    Go to your BP settings page and turn off: “Disable activity stream commenting on blog and forum posts?:” Then it won’t happen.

    This has been discussed quite a bit. There’s even been some discussions about doing away with the forums and just making the activity stream “the forum.” It will be interesting to see how this evolves.

    yep, i’m still working on “activity discussions” – i hit a few tangents and released some plugins that came out of it (bump to top, block types, edit activity status)

    Thanks. I hope they don’t get rid of the forums. I think conversations would get lost if they were just organized by time and thrown into the stream with everything else. Altho’ I guess you can view the single page version from the stream. So maybe it would work. But I’d hate to lose the directory view. I guess the “directory view” could just be a filtered stream… but the stream filtering right now is pretty ugly and unintuitive… hidden as it is in a LONG drop down list with no icons or anything.

    Anyway… as it is be default… reply in the stream OR reply in original thread… that’s just confusing. I’ll try turning that setting off and seeing if I prefer it that way. Thanks guys.

    I figured this was something that has been previously discussed. Haven’t been that active here in the past couple of months.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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