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considering BuddyPress

  • gdecuir



    I’m trying to determine which social networking plug-in will work best for my site needs.
    I didn’t find a clear answer to some of the questions I have while searching the support forum or on the site.

    1. members directory: I need members to be able to search for other members by hobbies or interest, etc. For example I would like to search for all members who like “bike riding” or “reading”. This way I can start a group for bike riders.

    2. Profiles: Could I add additioanl profile fields for members to fill-in

    2. Events calender: Can members or groups start there own event. It would be great if they can sell tickets on our site and we’ll get a small precentage over the sale. This would help support the site.

    3. Can groups be private. By invite only

    4. geo location: looking for members/groups with like intrest in a certain area.

    5. Number of members limited. Is there a limit to the number of members that could sign up?

    I’m more than happy to add extra plug-ins to make this happen. Thanks

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  • gdecuir


    oops… my numbering is off. 🙂



    1. members are searched by profile fields
    2. you can create unlimited profile fields
    3. there may be an events plugin
    4. BP has invite only private groups
    5. there was a geo plugin, not sure its up to date
    6. members are unlimited

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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