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Content not showing up on WP hierarchy php files

  • solgris


    Hi there, I’m having trouble with getting BP running. This are my stats:

    + WordPress 5.0.8
    + BuddyPress Version 5.1.2
    + Custom Template made by myself from scratch so I have no idea on what WP tags call the BP functions into display
    + I DONT use “the_content()” WP tag on the index because I load my content with the Ajax Load More plugin
    + I DO use “the_content()” WP tag on both -pages- and -single- post view

    I would like to use the “members” BP on my current page template, must I do a hierarchical overload so that buddypress pulls a special template but only for the “members” BP page? because I mean, currently all pages pull the WP hierarchy php “page” files, but members dont seem to appear, maybe I’m lacking a special hierarcy BP “page” file so that BP recognizes it and displays the members table?

    I would also like to use the BP profile on a “single post” template, like when someone presses a “view profile” link then user gets redirected to the profile page with the activity posts of that person, sort of like in facebook the profile page yo know? do I need to create a special php on the BP hierarchy logic so that it can display the profile (cover image, profile pic, extended profile data, posts-activity) inside the WP single page hierarcy template?

    what WP fuction is it that BP uses to display its content? I guess its not “the_content()” right? because I do use that tag but nothing displays…

    I hope I can get some support, I’ll make my best to explain myself if I wasnt being clear enough

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  • solgris


    also activated a BP compatible theme, and deactivated all plugins leaving just BP plugin, and BP still is not working 🙁 should i re-install BP?? or try some other steps first?

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