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Core function groups_join_group is not working

  • meestergijs


    Good day to you (all),

    I’m working a new site, so this issue revolves with the staging environment. I use WPLMS, everything from theme, wordpress to plugins are up-to-date. And my problem is that the core function of adding students to groups isn’t working. I can add them in admin, and I see that they are added. But students doesn’t see a class added to it’s profile or is able to access the class.

    The first reply from WPLMS support was: “I think its due to some kind of caching or something ,pelase clear cache and deactivate it for day or two and check this issue again.”

    So I went to Kinsta Hosting and they told me that the staging environment has all caching options disabled. So I went back to WPLMS.

    Their second reply is: “groups_join_group is a buddypress core function which is not working in your site .

    Please contact buddypress plugin author support on this. in the past with your site we had a similar experience with caching where profile menu items were not appearing. This is caching believe it or not. I have debugged this already. If host cannot resolve this you can consider changing the webhost to wpengine.”

    Could you help me? Adding students to classes/groups is essential for my dynamic educational website.

    My website:
    Buddypress: 10.6.0
    WP: 6.1.1



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  • wackao


    Is the user addition not working in WP admin as well ? check if there is any possible javascript error on wp admin page.

    WPLMS has its own good interface for adding users in groups via rest API.

    re-save the WP admin – Settings – BuddyPress – Components, so that groups tables and folder structure is installed and setup.



    It worked. I found out that in the new theme environment students no longer see their own classes when I set the group as hidden, but when I set it to private they DO see it. So it was a very easy fix for a strange choice made by the theme.

    Thanks for your reply. I will keep this in mind (add it to trello)

    We can close this ticket.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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