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Correct setup for multisite

  • Hugo64



    I am a bit confused regarding the correct option i should setup in my multisite :

    I have a multisite where i would like users to register to the main site (or the subsite) and then could simply join a subsite within a click. How should I proceed?

    Thanks in advance


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  • djsteveb


    ” join a subsite within a click” – like.. you mean.. multi-site has multiple “blogs aka sites” – without buddypress… and so you want to have the option for them to join in other blogs aka sites as authors / contributors?

    This kind of thing above I was able to make happen with bp network activated and then a plugin called..”Join My Multisite” – I think…

    Or… you mean to have multiple and separate buddypress systems.. like a bp for soccer players and a different bp for sewing clubs, and different one for music labels.. each with their own groups, their own activity walls – own sets of ‘friends’ within.. and separate from the main?
    pretty sure the codex mentions a couple of plugins for that and says if you want that kind of complex thing be ready to pay for help from a specialist, of which there are few, and not much general support or knowledge…

    not sure what you mean exactly.. wish they never changed the name of “blogs” to “sites” –



    Thanks for the answer,

    I could make it with join my multisite indeed. I needed users to be part of a same BP system.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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