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Cosmic buddy theme for Buddypress: turn your buddypress site to orkut style

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  • Xevo


    Good to know that people are finally starting to make quality themes. :)

    Some things that I noticed.

    See this. Make the backgrounds transparent.

    – Define a width for your input, my inputs always become bigger and stick out their container. Probably got something to do with Win7.

    – Blog pages still have a meta box.

    – Login link in the navigation doesn’t do anything.

    Haven’t found anything other than that.

    Brajesh Singh


    hi Xevo

    Thanks for pointing.

    I had mentioned that in one of the comment already on the blog about the graphics.

    The login will work, once you add the login widget supplied with the theme(cb-addons), please have a look at my recommendation about widget use there.

    There are a few more things ,I am aware and will be updated by Wednesday(when my designer comes tomorrow). I had promised the theme long ago, and since designer was away, so I had to go for a hurried release.

    Other than graphics(transparency issue with title background ), please point to other things too, I will be glad to enhance more :)





    Good to see some new themes published!

    May I ask something slightly off-topic? How did you get this done? I always have problems doing that outside the forums!

    >>Forum Last 5 Discussions

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    Brajesh Singh



    you mean the discussion topics shown at the bottom of the home page.

    well, I am using external bbpress with deep integration to buddypress/wordpress mu.

    The topics are coming from plugin.

    Though, if you want to do the same using internal integration

    have a look here

    specifying the action as “new_forum _post” should do that.

    Hope it helps :)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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