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Could Buddypress power a Q&A site?

  • Matt


    I’m looking to set up something similar to Quora and wondered whether Buddypress would be suited to this?

    What I’m after are the social features of Buddypress (such as follow/connections), plus Q&A features so users can ask and answer questions and also vote on the best ones. So far I’ve found plugins that do the social side, or the Q&A side, but haven’t found one yet that does both…


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  • LPH2005



    Yes and No. I have two sites using the Q&A plugin from WPMU Dev. This plugin works great except buddypress integration is not present. If I recall correctly, the dev wrote interest in adding integration (sorry, I cannot find that link). The plugin is quite good.

    Another approach is to use a Q&A theme and the BP template pack. I did this prior to switching to the plugin. In this case the integration was fine because the WP posts went to the activity stream.

    Hope this helps.



    Thanks for the info @LPH2005. I’ve checked out the Q&A plugin from WPMU Dev and it looks great! It says on the site that it works perfectly with Buddypress, but I need to find out what that actually means? The main thing is that I need people to be able to follow each other like on Twitter rather than just receive email notifications of questions they’re following. I’ll dig a little deeper, but this all looks promising :)

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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