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CPT – Each post connects to a group

  • EirikNesjo


    Dear all

    I have been searching around on google without luck for this one.

    I have a custom post type, let say “city”, where I want each city to have its group like or group activity feed. Either by mimicking a group or creating a separate group for each post, in order to show the activity on the “city” page frontend. And allowing users to follow

    Thanks for any advise in order to have this functionality


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  • Prashant Singh



    To create a group automatically for new CPT will require custom coding and have to check how it will be integrated and what information you want to show in the activity.

    Manual creation is obviously one of the ways like you have the CPT city then create a group called ‘city’ and then people can come to a post there but still, I want to know how it will be linked to CPT. Do you want a new CPT creation to be listed in activity feed or it’s just people can come and post about the city.




    Prashant is correct about custom coding.

    However, there is a buddyforms add-on plugin which will make automatically make groups from a cot post submission. You may need a premium license from buddyforms tho. I have not tested it so I can’t speak for the quality or experience.

    Here’s the linkBuddy forms attach posts to groups

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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