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Creat a network of many buddypress sites, using single buddypress install

  • rickkumar


    Hello Everyone,

    I plan to launch few websites using buddypress.

    All sites will be ‘almost’ same type, the only difference will be the topic of the site.

    What I mean is that all sites will be “consumer complaint and discussion sites” focused on various different complaints or topics.

    The complaint form will have same number of fields but the field descriptions/titles will be changed to better fit the topic of the complaint site.

    Each site will have it’s own unique domain name, even though they will all be sharing same/single buddypress install.

    So I have the following questions:

    1. Can buddypress provide full complaint/discussion site functionality for people to complain about various issues or discuss any topic? Do I need a plugin for submitting complaints or topics?
    2. Is it possible to setup a social network of many sites (each with different domain name) using same buddypress install?
    3. Is it possible to share users among all sites so that they can login to any site in the network withOUT registering again? In other words: same user profile for all sites in the network.
    4. If #3 above is possible, then is it possible to keep the user blogs, forums, groups, activity, etc all separate from site to site?
    5. Is there a plugin available to have multi-network buddypress sites setup properly?
    6. Will all the networks ‘have to’ use the same exact theme?
    7. How many maximum number of network sites can be installed on a single buddypress install without breaking it?

    Note: The reason I want to have a multi network on single buddypress install is so that it is easy to manage using single admin panel.

    Please advise if this is even possible or do I just need to use separate buddypress for each site?

    Thank you very much for your help.

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  • @mercime


    1. Sure. If you want the complaints to be private, just set up a contact form. If you want complaints to be public or semi-private set up Group and/or Sitewide forums.

    2. You need the Domain Mapping plugin. Then you need either: OR
    You’d have to ask plugin devs whether either or both are compatible with Domain Mapping plugin though I haven’t heard issues with either so far.

    3. In either multinetwork plugins above, there are ways and means to do what you need – some coding required.

    4. Yes, using either of the multinetwork plugin above, you do keep those components separate.

    5. Yes, I posted both in #2

    6. No, the networks do not have to use the same theme at all.

    7. No limit to number of networks. One can only be limited by server and coding skills.




    Thank you very much for your detailed response.
    We want to keep complaints totally public.

    The buddypress multi-network plugin looks great.
    I think the author is going to soon update it to BP 1.6 version.

    Thank you again.



    Hi again,

    I am almost ready to go ahead with the buddypress multi-network project as mentioned above.

    I need some recommendations for:

    * selecting a host
    * what themes are great (paid or free etc) for the buddypress multi-network project

    Also some tips on starting such as:

    * install wordpress
    * now enable multi-site
    * now install buddypress
    * now install multi-network plugin etc etc.

    I don’t know if the above order is even correct so looking for some help on how to do it.

    Thank you for your help.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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