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Create group directory for different group types

  • rda5009



    This is in reference to the group types that just got released over the last update. I have successfully set up my group types but now want a way to have two different directories for group types. For instance, groups from Group Type A displays on one directory, and groups from Group Type B, C, D are in another directory.

    I have gone through the codex and tried to add the “has_directory”, but did not really see any change and am not sure if that would really solve for what I wanted.

    Being that I don’t have much programming experience, any help and guidance would be greatly appreciated!

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  • danbp



    read here, there is still a working example described.
    Just forget about the filter option, the rest is ok.

    Group Types option display

    This is the guide you need to read up on:

    Template Hierarchy

    has_directory means that if you click on a BP generated link /groups/type/foo/ or type that as a url/create a link to, then you will see that as the url and the loop will now show only groups of type ‘foo’

    Template hierarchy will allow you to create a file named in this manner:
    index-directory-type-foo.php (file must be a complete one though including WP headers/footers and all parts in-between.)

    This will only be used if looking at those group types in the loop/url but you can now edit that and change as you require and only affect that group type loop directory display.



    Thanks for the information everyone. I’ll keep looking into it and keep you posted.



    Hello everyone,

    You can try BP Create Group Type .


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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