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Created Child theme of bp-default but some elements arent appearing?

  • Reacton


    I have managed to create a child theme properly all of the css properties and everything have carried over however theres a few random problems I have found for example:

    1. when I go into a profile and post an activity (or status) it acknoledges I have posted said comment however the actual comment itself does not appear?? so it says user one posted this with the time date and everything but not the actual comment itself?

    2. when I also go into profile and attempt to change the avatar image there is no upload image bar with button as there is in the regular buddypress template?

    3. In the designated members page if I create a whole lot of test members it is only my admin account which appears in the directory listing of users?

    Im posting these all together as I believe all of them are linked however I could be wrong?

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