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Creating a custom component

  • Nick Watson


    Okay, I know I’ve made posts about this before, but I’ve always left out information because I thought if I got it rolling, I could take it over myself.

    I’ve been working with bp-events, bp-skeleton component just trying to get a new component working, and nothing is working. There are always errors. (probably because I don’t know what I’m doing)

    So I’m not afraid to admit that I have no idea what I’m doing, and I need HELP.

    Here’s what I would like:

    I would like a component, that allows an administrator to create a “Group” called a “Featured Group”. It is exactly that, a group, which is featured.

    It will allow users to JOIN but NOT CREATE. It will still show up in there profiles in a “Featured Groups” tab in the user bar, but in the options bar there will be no “Create a Featured Group” button.

    The Featured Groups would be on a separate directory from the “Groups Directory”. And the features of the Featured Group are as follows:

    • Choose Avatar
    • Wire
    • News
    • Forum
    • Users can Join/Request Membership

    I realize that these are very basic things just as the Groups are, but I just wanted a separate thing to create them.


    There is a way that I can just create a normal group, and only the admin can select if it is a Featured Group (much like how you would select Public Group, Private Group, and Hidden Group).

    So if there is a plugin, or a way to create, so that an Administrator can select that a group can be featured, allowing it to be posted on another directory. Then that would be fantastic, and a lot simpler.

    I hope I’m clear with what I’m saying.

    Just ask and I’ll clarify anything.

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  • Nick Watson


    I see people are hesitant to reply, maybe I can make it an easier question now.

    I’ve done a temporary solution for the time being:

    I’ve created a page, where I am manually going to put groups onto that will be the featured ones. So basically, I’ll create a normal group, and then just copy it’s info and past it on a “Featured Groups” page.


    1. Is there an easy code I can do for inserting a groups info (just like on the groups directory page, maybe using the groups ID number?)

    – I know you can do this for blog IDs but can you also do this for a group?

    2. Is there a way to mark the groups on the normal groups page, maybe with a little star or something?

    3. Can I change the layout of a groups page, without modifying every group?


    Nick Watson


    Okay lets cover it maybe one at a time?

    Can I have a custom layout on a group? Separate from other groups?

    Brajesh Singh


    yes, you can have.

    If you are using bp 1.2 , take a look at groups/single/home.php

    Create your own home.php with conditionals and check for the individual group, include appropriate templates.

    It will need a lot of templating though.

    Nick Watson


    okay great, I’ll try that out.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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