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creating a website for the first time – various activities I need to understand

  • vitoanthony80


    Good morning.

    As you can read in the title I am trying to create a website for the first time with the use of the buddypress plugin.
    My intent is not just to use it as a social network but to be able to take advantage of some social functions.

    In practice I would like to allow the user to:
    1) register by filling out the registration form;
    2) registered users will appear in a single map. It will be possible for a registered (or unregistered) user to check other already registered users who are close to his / her geographical position.
    3) only the registered user will be able to see the content of the site;
    4) the administrator will be able to publish a news that will be notified automatically to all users in their profile and via email.

    So there will be no active participation of users in creating posts, groups or sending messages between them.

    For point 2 I used a plugin that allows you to automatically enter the user’s address during registration and to be able to search for the user.

    for point 3 I have installed some plugins but they do not limit the page assignment to registered users only.

    Point 4 I did not understand at all if it is possible to do.

    Finally I would like the wordpress bar not to appear at the top and horizontally (I figured out how to remove it for the administrator but not also for registered users).

    Could you give me some directions.

    Thank you

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