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Creating accounts with Facebook plugin (wp-fb-autoconnect)

  • ewebber


    Hi there,
    I am using the WP-Fb-autoconnect plugin, this allows users to login and signup with Facebook.
    It uses wp_insert_user to insert the users into the database when they first sign up, my php dev skills are extremely limited, but it looks like this bypasses the standard triggers for a buddypress signup – e.g. it doesn’t show up as an activity or trigger the welcome pack plugin. The plugin developer isn’t going to look at this, but I wondered if anyone had any immediate thoughts on ways to make it work better with BP

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  • r-a-y


    The plugin needs to hook into the “bp_core_activated_user” action.

    Welcome Pack hooks into this action as well.

    It appears the WP-FB-Autoconnect has their own action to hook into – “wpfb_inserted_user”.
    So basically, Welcome Pack and other plugins could hook into that as well.

    Two options around the problem!



    @r-a-y great thanks :)



    if possible a little bit more details would be great – sorry blockhead mode :)

    I am definitely interested in this too. Taking it a step further, it would be nice to make users complete a full profile for the site after logging in through Facebook. Right now the WP-FB-autoconnect works great, creates the user and logs them in – but then it brings them back to the homepage without filling out the rest of their profile.

    When you create an account in BP without logging in through facebook, the BP registration page asks users to complete all the required and optional fields in the profile – but I haven’t found a way to do this with Facebook, it just gives them a user name and logs them in. So I think what would need to happen is that after the facebook connect, the registration process isn’t complete – it points them back to the BP registration page (or something like it) where they can finish entering other required and optional fields.

    Any ideas on how this might work?

    A workaround might be that on the *first* login only, the user is redirected to the edit profile page, and on subsequent logins they’re redirected to the homepage and logged in normally.

    I’m seeing and interesting condition with this plugin, BP-Privacy. When BP-Privacy Lockdown is set -> must be logged in, the WP-FB-autoconnect plugin fails to log the person in. When the Lockdown is set -> show everyone, then the login takes place.

    its a bit odd. I suspect its the WP-FB-autoconnect plugin.

    Might be a race condition. or just a bug. I agree, its likely in WP-FB-autoconnect. :-) who’s got the debugger and coffee?

    has the fB vacuum sucked up every php coder out there? ;-)



    @jakel I did ask the developer about being able to fill in the registration form, but his response was “only autoregistration is supported. It’s on my to-do list for eventual implementation, no time estimate yet though.”

    I’m sure it’s possible, although I know I don’t have the skills to do it.

    @r-a-y in response to your edit, currently when a new user is added with the fb plugin they don’t appear as a new user in the activity stream, would this also be solved by using bp_core_activated_user ?

    Ray Mannion


    The premium version of the plugin allows you to specify a redirect upon signup. I’m trying to get it to redirect to the users ../profile/edit page to encourage the complete registration but it doesn’t accept ../members/%username%/profile/edit as a url. Is there a generic url to go to direct the user to the profile page? Something like domain.tld/profile or http://domain.tld/register ?? I thought there was something like that…

    Firat dede


    Also I have same questian As ray.:)



    @ewebber Have you ever found a solution to this? I realize that when users register with WP-FB Autoconnect they won’t appear in the Members Directory…

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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