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Creating different types of users

  • shaun1981



    I need to be able to give users an option when signing up to become one of 3 types of user i.e. “Player”, “Team” or “Sponsor”. I then need to be able to change the design of the profile pages depending on what type of user they are. Is there a plugin to acheive this or can someone point me in the right direction?


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  • Boone Gorges


    At the moment, I don’t know a plugin that can do it. A plugin *could* do it, though, by following something like the following setup:
    – Modify the registration templates to include Player/Team/Sponsor dropdown
    – Hook a function to `bp_core_signup_user` that gets that information out of the $_POST global and saves it with update_user_meta()
    – Hook into some of the profile display load_template functions (such as `xprofile_template_display_profile`) to swap out the templates based on the usermeta, which you’d load with get_user_meta()

    Such a plugin would take some time to build well, but would be really useful to a lot of people. Good luck!

    This sounds like what I was looking for with “ranks.” It’d be nice to turn a regular member into a “sponsor” or “supporter” from the admin panel. Sounds like it may be some custom coding, though. :(



    I’m too learing on how to achieve this process, there is a wonderfull tutorial at Cindy did a really good job there

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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