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Creating Group When new user Register

  • Jordan59


    Hello Friends,

    I need help in creating group.
    I have a site in which when new user trying to register on my site
    there, he/she get option to create group also. I he/she agrees to create group at the time of registration then he will add only name & description of group & new group has been created within the registration. That was working fine.

    i’m using this

    if(!empty($_POST[‘group-name’]) && !empty($_POST[‘group-desc’])){
    $id_group = groups_create_group($group_args);

    in “$group_args”. i’ll send details to create a group (name & description)
    The whole process is done in single step. Now What i want is,

    I want to add group photo on same step. That is shown as group logo.

    Please help me, i’m stuck here from last night.

    Thanks in advance.

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