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Creating groups = bigtime fail.

  • akukskuks


    BP 1.7, bbPress 2.3. New install, very new to this.

    The option to “Create a Group” is nowhere on my site or in my dashboard. Tried all the idiot check stuff (toggle “Groups” in BP set-up, uninstall-reinstall, set permalinks, etc etc) to no avail.

    I continuously get a HTTP Error 404 whenever I try to access the options from the main drop-down menu of the site (“Howdy, User!” [Activity, Groups, Settings, etc]). The same error appears when I try to access my group creation page directly by appending my URL with /create/ ( All the menu tabs on the site display the single title word (“Groups,” or “Activity”) with an “Edit” link that takes me back to the dashboard for editing, though there is no toolbar as I’ve seen on so many tutorials with the search field or “Create a Group” button.

    Do I need to go in and edit wp-admin.php on the server side of things? I’ve read lots of possible solutions that suggest that but it just seems odd that I can’t even create any groups…

    Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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