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Custom Emails

  • designtwo2


    Hi there

    I have customised the single-bp-email.php file to include my logo, layout etc and have used {{{content}}} to pull the content through when a user posts a status update / post via their profile.

    This works fine.

    However, if the users selects the Photo post feature (includes image and post content) – text content is included in the email that gets sent off to each user but the image is not included.

    If the user selects the Link post feature (includes image, hyperlink, post title and post content) – nothing is being included in the email that gets fired off.

    Is there a way to include these in the custom email?

    Thank you

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  • wackao


    Make sure : {{{TOKEN}} for HTML and {{TOKEN}} for text link.

    Make sure you are not using third party plugin for sending emails. Are all emails going as Text by default ?

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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