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Custom image for the header: script stops

  • I wanted to change the header image with the available function “upload new header image”.

    I have choosen a 40 kb jpg-image which doesn’t fit the exact measurements of 1250 x 125 pixels. Because of i have used the offered crop function, but it interupts after the image upload with a white page.

    Upload itself seems to work but crop function isn’t, because it stops with this link in the adress bar “”

    There is no error message at all, only an empty page without any html-code.

    I was thinking that it is may be a problem of wrong file rights (chmod) but in this case it would show an error message?!

    Do you have another idea or a solution?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • The problem is still existing. But croping an avatar for bp-group was working without any problem.

    I have removed the function for the custom header in function.php and implemented the header in my child style-css. But this isn’t a perfect solution, because i had to change the original function.php of the bp-default theme to get style-css excepting the new #header definition.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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