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Custom member directory styling

  • kamarr


    Special thanks to @valuser and @shanebp for helping create a custom member directory by adding the Buddypress members-loop.php to my themes page.php, and renaming it page-local-members-php.

    *For the step by step, here is the link to the discussion –

    There are now two Directories listed on the website. The current issue resides with the styling. The original member directory appears to obtain its structure from the Buddypress index.php file located in the wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-themes/bp-default/members-folder, while the Secondary ‘Custom’ member directory is missing the original functions like the search, role search, order by, and some basic css such as removing the bulletins on the member list.

    What would be the best solution to fix this.

    Would adding the code from index.php file from the wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-themes/bp-default/members-folder solve it?

    *I wonder, would it be possible to make an additional page template that would shows on the wordpress frontend part of the plugin on the Dashboard/settins/buddypress/pages section as an additional directory.
    That way you could route it from to a page from the front end the same way you route member, activity stream, register, and activate page keeping all files it in the buddypress folder.


    I’ve tried adding the code from the index.php file located in the wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-themes/bp-default/members-folder to the index.php file located in the wp-content/themes/my-theme/-folder however the default styling and functions are still missing.

    Any help on this will be greatly appreciated.

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  • kamarr


    Currently looking through the codex and combing the web but have not seen anything solution

    Any links that may help would be greatly appreciated.





    Please don’t call out people individually (this was already told to you by @shanebp)

    bp-default is no more the default theme for BP. You can use almost any other existing theme.
    While testing, i recommend you to use one of the Twenty’s theme shipped with WordPress.

    Then to create a child theme and copy into it the needed file from wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-templates/buddypress/

    As reminder, a page structure contains at least a header, a content and a footer template, and sometimes a sidebar, depending the theme you use.

    If you open index.php from wp-content\plugins\buddypress\bp-templates\bp-legacy\buddypress\members\index.php you should get the search form in that template.

    Though if you asign the Member page as home page in WP’s Read settings, you won’t have to struggle much with customization.

    Read Codex attentively by starting from here.

    You may also explain what you want to do exactly and tell which theme you use.



    Thank you Dan for replying!
    The solution is much needed.

    *apologizes, I’m not sure of the proper etiquette for using the @ function. What would be the best way to use that for future references.

    You confirmed my suspicions, that the search function can be drawn from the index.php file located in wp-content\plugins\buddypress\bp-templates\bp-legacy\buddypress\members.

    I agree that assigning the page on the front end would be extremely easier, however I have two directory’s. One custom and one buddypress original.

    The goal is to have more than one directory page with different parameters.

    For example:

    A directory for members who are from the united states only

    vs a directory for members who are artist only

    How could I customize the front-end buddypresss directory setup page to add additional assignable directories?

    for example:
    If I create an addition members-loop.php and name it art-members-loop.php, how would I get that show up on the buddpress front-end under the directory pages set up section as an additional directory set up option?

    Thank you again for your help! It is much needed.



    P.S. I’ve tried adding the code from in index.php from wp-content\plugins\buddypress\bp-templates\bp-legacy\buddypress\members\index.php to the code in my themes index.php however the problem still exist.

    As you stated before I believe creating another directory template in the Buddypress plugin would be best. That way the plugin could still interact within itself, pulling the proper php and css.

    How can I add a custom directory to the plugin to be made available on the BuddyPress Settings page?

    What file should I edit?

    Is there codex on the topic?

    Thanks again



    I’m afraid you can’t built another member’s directory. “Members” is a component and it use a dynamic page to output anything related to members.

    The only thing who change, is eventually the content template part (member directory vs. profile for example: both activity are on the same pseudo “page”.

    The only way i see for your case, is to add a custom filter and to define eventually another default output for member directory, based on the current filter. But it’s the user who has to choose what he want to see there.

    Default filter are recently active, recently subscribed and alphabetical order. To add more option, included “artists”, try to add “member type” or create you r own plugin to filter.

    Here the related codex page for member-type

    And codex page for how to add a filter on members directory.

    For the @ use, the correct way to use it is when you want to mention (@mention) somebody. And so far i can see this here, it doesn’t actually work on ! 😉

    So just keep in mind that you publish on a public forum. It is not intended to call mods individually. We’re not consultants here (we don’t charge you), but simple volonteers trying to guide and help other users.

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