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custom member directory styling

  • kamarr


    Special thanks to @valuser and @shanebp for helping create a custom member directory by adding the Buddypress members-loop.php to my themes page.php, and renaming it page-local-members-php.

    *For the step by step, here is the link to the discussion –

    There are now two Directories listed on the website. The current issue resides with the styling. The original member directory appears to obtain its structure from the Buddypress index.php file located in the public_html/, while the Secondary ‘Custom’ member directory is missing the original functions like the search, role search, order by, and some basic css such as removing the bulletins on the member list.

    What would be the best solution to fix this.

    Would adding the code from index.php file from the public_html/ solve it?

    *I wonder, would it be possible to make an additional page template that would shows on the wordpress frontend part of the plugin on the Dashboard/settins/buddypress/pages section as an additional directory.
    That way you could route it from to a page from the front end the same way you route member, activity stream, register, and activate page keeping all files it in the buddypress folder.

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