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custom plugin build

  • simpleaspen


    Sorry if this is the wrong spot, I’m not quite sure where to put this.

    I am looking for some specific functionality that I am not finding in plugins. It is not for an existing site but one we would like to build. We were hoping that buddypress would be a good platform for the site but I’m not quite sure.

    What we need is somewhat similar to pinterest.

    Required functions:
    -each user would have multiple pinboards
    -user could set privacy of each board – only me, friends, show to everyone
    -each item on the board would have an image, short description, maybe a price
    -each item would have checkboxes or comments that only friends could see and use but not the user actually owning the pin board
    -each user has specific friends, not just groups (I assume Buddypress already has this but I haven’t used it much)

    Other functions that would be nice but not necessary right out of the gate:
    -tags or categories for each pinboard
    -way for people to see list of items from boards that fit certain tags or categories
    -targeted advertising based on tags or categories

    I am assuming this probably needs some kind of custom plugin build. I am definitely not a programmer so if anyone has ideas on how to implement this, how long it might take to build or how much that might cost, I would sincerely appreciate it.

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  • danbpfr




    Thanks! That does have a few of the things we need so maybe we can build off that. Any ideas on how to add a couple checkboxes to each item? They need to be visible only to a users friends, not non-friends or the user themselves. If a users friend checks a box, all the other friends should be able to see it but it is still invisible to non-friends and the user.

    Would that be super hard? Maybe I need to pose that question to the album developers.

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