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Custom Post Types and Buddypress Activiy/posting

  • alexfads


    Hi,I noticed you seem to know a bit about custom post types and the buddypress activity stream, and I was wondering if i could bounce a qouple questions at you, pertaining to an idea i have but cant seem to find help with. I completely understand if you cant, i dont want you to waste any more time and energy that you already have, entertaining Q&A, but any help would be greatly appreciated.@prometheus-fire

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  • @alexfads this is a public forum, if you want help please post an open question, it is not good form to call out individual members for help.



    I see. I apologize, I am fairly new to this forum thing. Let’s try this again…Hi everyone, I am currently trying to create a buddypress network, where members can either join for free, or receive more options by joining a paid membership program. The free members are able to post whatever they choose, and receive achievements/badges for doing so. The problem i have is, my wordpress theme is centered around minisites that are all created using custom post types. Also, the custom post types allow me create beautiful reviews, award badges and ratings, but only on my wp-back end. I am relatively new at coding, and this framework is definitely a template (industrial themes-flavor to be exact.) I would like to find a way to basically add the custom post capability (hopefully enough to match at least some of the functionality that i see on the backend) to the front user end of buddypress. That way, members can write reviews and award ratings/badges to the products they like, but not have to log into my backend. I know this might seem far-fetched, and Im sure there is a lot of work to make happen. However, I would at least like to try and start somewhere. So, on that note, if anyone has any idea,solution,experience with buddypress and custom post types, i would love to hear any insight, and would greatly appreciate any help. Without giving away all of the details, my goal is to create a network where users can basically buy/sell/share/create custom post type articles/products and be rewarded for doing tasks/events. Also, I would like to create an affiliate network within the model, where members that would like to have more than just a fun experience, be able to make a profit off of writing/sharing/click throughs, etc. So, finally, if I can’t find the help i need to slowly create this model myself, I am also willing to hear out anyone that might be interested in developing this network. I am sure that last statement was probably supposed to be placed somewhere else and not here, but I figured Id chance it in hopes to find anyone willing to help. Thank you for your time everyone, and may you all have a blessed wordpress/buddypress operating system.



    Seems like a job for Gravity Forms plugin.



    yes, You will only need 3 plugins in case that Achievements plugin supports Custom Post Types:
    1.Gravity Forms plugin
    2.Gravity Forms + Custom Post Types plugin
    3.Achievements plugin

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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