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Custom register.php

  • I am trying to create a custom register.php form, but am having some issues.

    Currently nothing shows up between the <form> </form> tags, I’m assuming because this statement returns false, <?php if ( ‘request-details’ == bp_get_current_signup_step() ) : ?>.

    Not sure if I need to set some includes?

    Thanks for any help or direction.

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  • r-a-y


    What are you trying to do exactly?

    Are you trying to modify the BP registration page?

    Actually, I’m trying to get BP features to work with the Thesis Theme. I need to use the registration/activation feature, and several other features like Members and Activity.

    What I tried to do is create a custom template with the register.php code, and assigned it to a page called Register.

    Anyway, I’ve looked for days on topics to integrate Thesis and BuddyPress. So I decided I wanted to try and get these plugins to work. I’ve gone down the Thesis road pretty far.



    If you’re using Thesis as the parent theme, you’ll have to enable BP support for your theme.

    Two options:

    1) Use the BP Template Pack plugin:

    2) Manually add BP support to your theme.

    thekmen has added BP support to a child theme of the Hybrid framework:

    You can check out what he did as a guide.



    I use php form software for custom form. And it works fine

    Iain Manley


    I’m experiencing the same problem – but I’m definitely using a BuddyPress enabled theme. I’m trying to enable registration on my home page by using a template, but nothing is being returned by bp_get_current_signup_step(), so nothing is displayed between

    . Is there a way of working around this? @thomallen Did you get this working eventually?



    You need to add: `define(‘BP_REGISTER_SLUG’, ”);` to your wp-config.php file. Should work after that, you may want to check if the user is already logged in as well.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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