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Custom Registration

  • philippklaschka


    Hi All,
    I have been really struggling on finding a way to customize a nice looking registration form. As our users can add birthday and gender for each of their kids, and they may have any number of them. I wanted a form that asks for how many kids, and then dynamically polls the two fields for each.
    I ended up doing up to 4 kids hardcoded and then a field “have more than 4”.
    Also, I want to convert Newsletter signups in this form as well.

    Anyway, to make this registration page nice and usable, I was looking for a solution for days.
    Furthest I have gotten so far is Ninjaforms with uncanny automator. The user gets created and all fields work as intended (getting the Ninja forms date foprmat to agree with a buddypress date field was a painfull path!!)

    PROBLEM IS: I need the activation email for double opt in here in Germany. This Method however skips this and immediately registers the user.

    How can I call user_status 2 and activation email before creating the final user?

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