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Custom theme page no longer working in version 1.5

  • Dzynit


    I wrote some hacky custom code to use one of the profile multiselect box contents as categories on the main member directory page in version 1.2, but after upgrading, it’s not working anymore. Can anyone help find the correct new function call to make it work again?

    In the code below, where it fails is the `bp_has_profile( ‘profile_group_id=5’)`. In version 1.5, it’s not getting any data returned with that function call and after putting version 1.2 back on, it actually gave me a function undefined error. (After also restoring the database, it worked again.) So my assumption is that information was relocated in the database. (I did check the database and the group id number is still correct.)


    $catlist = bp_get_the_profile_field_options();
    $catlist = ‘

    $catlist = str_replace(‘<option value="', '

    <a href="'.get_bloginfo('url').'/business-directory/?s=', $catlist);
    $catlist = str_replace(‘ “>’, ‘”>’, $catlist);
    $catlist = str_replace(”, ‘

    ‘, $catlist);
    $catlist = str_replace(‘Chamber Administration‘, ‘Chamber Administration

    ‘, $catlist);
    $catlist = str_replace(‘Mailing Service‘, ‘Mailing Service
    ‘, $catlist);
    $catlist = str_replace(‘Real Estate‘, ‘Real Estate
    ‘, $catlist);
    $catlist .= ‘



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