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Customization of a theme and fields

  • dynelight


    Hello. For some reason I posted here before but I cannot find my messages…


    1.) I have a custom wordpress theme and I installed BuddyPress. I also installed the theme pack for BuddyPress and I would like to customise it to my own needs.

    I was wondering, the files for this rely on the theme or on the plugin itself? On one of the previous versions, I thought I saw it on one of the plugin folders. I would like to apply my own style (I just want to change the colors TBH) but I want it to reside on my own theme folder. Do I need to copy any files?

    2.) I want to use profile pictures from elsewhere on my user profiles. I also made some custom fields and would like to feed them from data taken externally.

    How can I modify the profile icon and the custom fields externally? How are they created on the database, so I can fill those fields in manually?

    Thank you for your time!!

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