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Customize Buddy Press

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    Hello World,

    I just intalled the buddypress plugin & theme it comes with. I would like some help customizing the theme. Please help!!!

    Here is my site:

    Instead of a “social network site” i want this site only visible to the users themselves which i create myself manually.

    The whole purpose of this website is to have users login to their own “profile” page but are not able to edit nothing at all. Only i (admin)can edit anything & everything. They only login to see the analytics of a device we provide them.

    To make things less confusing.

    – I (admin) creates all usernames & passwords
    – then i email the unique usernames & passwords to my customers
    – The customer logs in just to see the analytics (the unique code i manually enter)

    so basically i just want uses to only see their own profile page & also i want a field in the backend where i can put in an analytic code that appears on their page. Each user will have a different unique analytic code.

    I hope i explained it clearly. The idea is really simple than i probably made it

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Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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