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Customize Profile Tabs

  • Paul Bursnall


    I’ve removed the tabs on sitewide activity by commenting out lines in buddypress > activity > index.php (edited version added to child theme). This will help in reducing problems when I narrow the site width.

    I’d like to do something similar on a single member profile page but I can’t find what I’m looking for in buddypress > members > index.php / members-loop.php or buddypress> members > single > activity.php

    I want to merge the data for Mentions and Favourites in the Personal tab, and Following and Groups into a second tab (possibly renamed ‘Connections’).

    It’s also related to narrowing the site width, but partly because I find the never ending list of default tabs in Buddypress really untidy, and a turn off for users.

    I’m sure this is a 5 minute job, I just can’t find what I’m looking for?

    WP 3.8.1
    BP 1.9


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  • modemlooper


    Profile tabs are dynamicly generated and will break if you try to place them as childen of other tabs.

    You can remove or move tabs but placing them as children is not recommended.

    Hopefully one day we can get this easy by making all the sub-nav tabs appear in the Appearance > Menus builder. Maybe for 2.1 🙂

    Paul Bursnall


    So it wouldn’t be possible to move the activity streams from Mentions and Favourites into the Personal tab to create one clean user activity log?

    Then (on my site) move Following and Group activity streams into one tab?

    That would seem to make a much cleaner profile page – one tab relative to the users actions only, and a secondary tab showing the actions of those they are friends/followers of, or groups they’re a member of.

    I just feel the amount of tabs at present on both sitewide activity and user activity doesn’t make for a slick end-user experience.

    Been able to select them from menus would be an improvement for sure but I thought it would be possible to do this by changing streams or loops? I’ve only had a skim read of that stuff at present to be honest.


    Chris Liu-Beers


    Any update on this? I’d love to reduce the number of BuddyPress menu items (tabs) by creating a dropdown menu of BP items. There are just too many tabs right now. What is the best way to customize the default BP menu?

    Paul Bursnall


    Bumping this, no update received.

    What update are you after?

    You say in OP that you are sure this is a 5min job! the two replies you received suggest not though! What you are asking is not straightforward, there is no non technical approach to this as Paul says maybe something will be built out but until then you would need to hook in to the BP menu functions and create custom implementation but this would not be straightforward.

    Paul Bursnall


    Sorry Hugo, my mistake. I appreciate BP is written by volunteers, who do a job beyond expectation, but sometimes the replies from moderators, like yourself, show a pretty poor attitude. Close this ticket. I was only requesting an update, like ‘tornatillo’ was, 2 weeks and 4 days ago.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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