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Data field and group forum problem

  • LogerM


    After few day of battle I almost get WPMU+BBPress+BuddyPress work fine.

    There is a two more problems I’ve got:

    1. When I’am using data selector field in user profile, filed is not showing up.

    2. I Want to integrate WPMU 2.7.1, BuddyPress 1.0 and BBPress 1.0 rc1 or 2, I dont need any deep integration. Users will use forum only from BuddyPress side.So I use this solution:

    everything was ALMOST perfect, unfortunetly each post was sign as admin ones, even when someone else write that. So I try integrate BuddypPress and BBPress in other way – by using integration in BBPress setup, unfortunetly it was’nt work. When I install forum and itegrate whit using admin panel I’am loosing ability to enter bb-admin by using wpmu admin account. Any one now how to bring groups forums to work?

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