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Data from deleted users remains in wp_usermeta and wp_signups

  • peterverkooijen


    Why does data from deleted users remain in wp_usermeta, wp_signups and maybe elsewhere? Is there a good reason for that?

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  • Ask on the WPMU boards; those aren’t BuddyPress tables.



    OK, thanks, I’ll post the question there.

    But lack of synchronization between Buddypress xprofile and WordPress wp_usermeta etc. is also causing me lots of headaches, so I hope WPMU is not going to send me back here saying that it’s a Buddypress problem. Aren’t you all part of Automattic somehow?

    Peter, Andy is only part of Autommatic I think.

    And Sam Bauers who develops bbPress.

    The rest of the moderators I think do not belong to Autommatic

    I wish I had a job writing software! You don’t want to know what I do 9 to 5, haha! el_terko is correct. Andy Peatling works for Automattic on BuddyPress. Sam Bauers develops bbPress.

    The moderators on this forum are Andy and: Burt Adsit, Trent Adams, Nicola Greco, Jeff Sayre, John James Jacoby and Paul Gibbs (me!). I think we did something bad in a previous incarnation and this is punishment ;). You can also check out this post for a mini-bio.



    I really do appreciate all the work you do. I’m just really frustrated with the lack of synchronization and consistency between Buddypress xprofile and WordPress users/usermeta etc. Automattic needs to take a serious look at member management.

    FYI, here’s the response from the WPMU forum:

    Because if a spammer signs up, for instance, and you delete their username and blogs, if their registration member is also deleted, then they can sign up again.

    I’m not satisfied with that answer. There must be cleaner ways to block/blacklist spammers.

    Isn’t there a plugin that deletes users more thoroughly?



    It’s important to note that BuddyPress is an opensource project, just like all of the other WordPress related ones. That being said, if you find something isn’t working up to your expectations you are free to develop or contribute to the project to make it work how you wish. As it stands today, BuddyPress does a good job of keeping tidy and cleaning up after itself; better than most plugins in my opinion. The signups table is specific to MU and is a new addition, so you can expect it’s functionality to be misunderstood. When a user is deleted, the idea is that their signup remain in the signups table as proof of their previous registration. One could even argue that removing all user data is a bad idea in the event someone ever needs it later, say for law enforcement purposes.

    Regarding blocking spam registrations, read some articles about Twitter. Some analysts have said that nearly 50% of all registrations on Twitter are spammers. Crazy eh? There just isn’t a fool proof way to prevent it from happening unfortunately.

    Also, while none of the moderators are directly employed by Automattic, it’s about the best internship I think anyone in our respective businesses can hope for. We all do our best to represent Automattic and are here to help to the best of our abilities.

    If you can find a specific bug or flaw in how users are currently managed between BuddyPress and WordPress, you’re welcome to respond here or file ticket in the trac. If you feel your opinion warrants more attention you can message me privately if you’d like also, and I’d be happy to help further.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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