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Date Format Issue

  • ichbinsdennis



    I’m german and I installed buddypress and german language files and so on..

    My Problem is, that the date doesnÄt show up how it should. For example i get:

    “vor 3 days and 21 hours registriert” which is some kind of a mix between german and english.. Date shows up in english.. Any suggestions how to solve that issue?


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  • MartinNr5


    That sounds like you need an updated translation file for german.

    The BP 1.0b2 release added a few more lines to be translated to the mix.



    I have a similar issue with Persian. Showing the date as “1 day, 13 hours ago” is not the right way of showing it in every language. The first issue is comma which might be a different in other languages (such as Arabic, Persian, Urdu, and some others) and need to be localized. Plus the fact that comma in dates needs to be localized separately from the regular comma because in many countries they use “and” instead of comma, so the users from those countries should be able to replace it with their own terms.
    Secondly, the whole date format needs to be localized. Currently the numbers are in Latin alphabet and do not get replaced with numbers from other alphabet systems such as Arabic.


    This thread is eighteen months old; we need more information to help you. Which dates aren’t being displayed (where are they) and what version of BuddyPress are you using?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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