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Default Groups on signup

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    Michael Berra


    Any Idea about that? WOuld be very useful…

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    I think this is a good enhancement – a default group and a default friend. At the end of the day, you want new users to get engaged – this can help with that. Maybe you can open a ticket in trac and request the feature/enhancement?

    default friend is already exist somewhere on this forum (but i’m afraid it’s not working )

    default group… well, it’s not so difficult to modify, that plugin, i think.

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    do you want to create members and add the to specific groups while creating them?

    this piece of code may help you in adding the user to group.

    //this will give the groups for the logged in user.

    $groupIDs = get_userGroups($bp);

    //from the groupIDs you can create the group object

    $group = new BP_Groups_Group( $group_id )

    //make the user assigned to the specific group. pass the user id of the new member


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    Michael Berra


    Thanks ageeshkg, sounds good. Now I’m not a coder (more of a copy-paster :-)). Does your suggestion work on signup (because there is no logged-in-user yet, isn’t it?). I would like to create a pulldown or something on the wp-signup-page, where the becoming user chooses their groups.

    You piece of code – where should I put it?

    Thanks and sorry – I am a greenhorn… :-)

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    I would also be interested in Default Groups and Default Friends


    (not super-high on my “to do” list, or I’d offer payment to create this…soon though)

    Was waiting until I could get this on to the official WordPress plugin directory, but:

    svn co

    That does Default Friend and Default Group. A later version will have Default Welcome Message (guess what that does..).

    Ah, okay – now it’s on as “Welcome Pack” (or you can go to

    Cool thing – thanks DJPaul!

    Question: Is it possible to add a new User to specific groups based on a profile-field they choose (say a dropdown)?


    Not with my plugin. But is it possible if you write such a thing? Yes.

    Thanks – if yould I would ;)

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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