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Did I install WP network, BP and BBPress correctly for future upgrades?

  • therockhr


    Hi, I recently have started to test out WordPress, Buddypress and BBPress. I just want to make that the functionality I am getting if what I should expect with future upgrades or if it is just working out correctly by accident.

    I first installed WordPress (latest stable) and enabled the network. Next I installed the BBPress plugin (latest stable version 2 release). Everything is working the way I want it, all my network sites have their own stand alone BBPress. Then I installed Buddypress (latest stable). I do not enable support for groups. Everything here seems to be working as I want it as well. I changed all my network sites to use the bp-default theme (because I like how it displays the forums) and when I post topics and replies in the network sites they show up in the activity stream on the main site like I want.

    I guess my question is this expected behavior that will continue with future upgrades of the product? I don’t like how the buddypress group forums work so I am hoping that bbpress will continue to work in the way it does now. Also, why do I get a message that says the bp-default themes does not have bbpress template files? Seems to display the forums correctly for me.

    Thanks in advance for the help. Been looking for a product like this for awhile.

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