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Different Languages for WP and BuddyPress

  • Bruno Bezerra


    Hi there. Let me explain my issue.

    I run an EFL (English as a Foreign Language) school in Brazil. Our native language is Portuguese and my website in WordPress is in Portuguese (since it’s being made for possible clients/students here in Brazil – I can’t have things on the website like “Search”). I use WPLMS, which uses BuddyPress as part of its Learning Management System. Since the LMS is for students that are learning English, I need BuddyPress to be in English, however I couldn’t find anywhere how to change BuddyPress language.
    I need my WordPress website to be in Portuguese and BuddyPress to be in English.


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  • danbp



    all you have to do is to use a custom translation for BuddyPress !
    This can be done with help of this plugin.

    Actually, WP uploads automatically all available translation for itself and any of his dependencies: themes and plugins(when exist) accordingly to the site language. Ie. brazilian portugue (

    In your case, while using the plugin, WP will remain in portuguese and as you will use or as custom translation, anything related to BP will be in english.

    Of course, this behave will always be used even AFTER an update of WP or BP and both updated to portuguese.

    The avantage of the plugin is that you haven’t to struggle with complicated domain settings and hacks, because he does it for you by using a different path for any custom translation (in your case, BP’s english version). The file is stored in /uploads/wpt-custom-mo-file/

    You simply need to remember to download manually the english BP version.
    Translation files can be downloaded here.

    Hope to be clear. 😉

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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