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Different user groups on registration

  • Hi there

    I want to be able to have different user groups on registration. At the moment all users are added to the Base user group I believe, however it would be useful if there could be two groups that users could be added to. The point is I’m trying to create a virtual exhibition website and wanted to have different permissions for exhibitors and normal people. For instance normal people can interact with each other, make friends, join groups and such, but I want exhibitors to only be able to have a profile page. They can’t make friends with normal people, or view their profiles, as it were.

    Is there any way to do something like this at all? Say on registration users have to choose whether they are an exhibitor or a normal client (delegate)? And then change the permissions for these groups.

    Users still need to be able to create custom groups and join them etc, but just define their overall activity on the site with these two overall groups. Is there a plugin or feature for this?


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