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Disable BuddyPress to WordPress profile syncing and other questions

  • nig3d


    I’m totally a newbie.

    I have a working buddypress/WP installation, I’m still working to get in the new mentality required to understand some processes.

    I have some questions:

    – what is Disable BuddyPress to WordPress profile syncing for?

    – I’m still trying to understand the blog philosophy of WP. It seems like that buddy press is a sort of social oriented blogs container. In this container the users could create a blog. I disabled the blog creation feature for the normal user and I have created just two blogs, now I have some trouble to understand:

    — once a new user is registered, is it registered to buddy press, to WP or to the single blog? It looks like it’s registered to buddy press, but a WP profile is created too, why?

    — it looks like the first created blog works as “main blog” , in fact, the header line title appears to be the name of the first created blog. If I switch to another blog, the header title won’t change. Is this meant to be? Anyway this feature doesn’t bother me, the only problem I’m having is that I’d like instead to customize the top-right tab menu, since I don’t want “Groups” and “Members” appears for the secondary blog.

    — on the secondary blog, while the “Recent Posts” widget works nicely, if I click on the “Blog” tab, the site will show me “The page you were looking for was not found.” Is it because the user is not a subscriber of the blog?

    –if this is the reason, how can I make a new user subscriber of both the blogs once registered? Another solution could be let the blog to be read even by not subscribers.

    – Is there a way to let the group be created only by the admin? If yes, can you show me how?

    – Is there somewhere an help page where I could have found the answer to my questions?

    Thank you for your really appreciated help!

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  • nig3d


    P.S.: I failed to mention that the second blog uses the buddypress theme too. Maybe I can achieve a more “secondary blog” customization changing the theme, am I correct?



    sorry, have I been too much rude overwhelming you with these questions? Maybe I should rephrase them and write one post for each one :)

    No problem with your post, I just don’t think anyone has gotten around to answer yet



    hey just FYI, this solved my problem and is horribly obvious lol – goto settings -> general -> enable “anyone can register”

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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