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Documentation clean up and organization

  • luchadorvader


    Hey everyone,

    First of all, I just want to say that I think Buddypress is an amazing plugin with a ton of functionality. It’s helped me a lot with my limited use with it, and I really like this plugin. But the main reason for this thread is that I was wondering if there were any future plans to re-organize and clean up the documentation for BuddyPress. While I think this a great plugin, it’s also extremely complicated, and I found that one of the things I don’t like about it is the clarity of the documentation. If I want to do any customization, I either get nothing on the subject matter I’m looking for, I’ll get something that might help me a little bit but there is nothing to fully explain it, or I have to look deep into the code to understand what’s going on or how I can manipulate it outside the core. I understand that documentation is a volunteer effort, and I would be more than happy to help, but the structuring of the documentation can use a bit of work to help locate information to help on or to use. I was wondering if there was any thought about this or ideas for this in the future of BuddyPress.

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  • You probably ought to track back through the bpdevel site:
    For development posts on Codex updates.

    We actually have been putting in quite a bit of our time over the last year attempting to lend a little attention to this area, but it is an extremely time consuming and slow area to deal with but apart from some fairly hardcore re-structuring many new articles & guides have been submitted over the last few months.

    You’re right though it is a community effort, all are welcome to chip and help, the codex index explains how people can contribute.

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