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Does theme 2011 work with BuddyPress?

  • tucsonsam


    I installed BuddyPress. I was told I had to select another theme or update the one I was using, which was 2011. I was given two themes to choose from, the default theme or 2010. I chose to update 2011, and got the same message (select another theme or update current) as well as a message about widgets.

    I am trying to create some BuddyPress pages (forum, groups, etc.,) but when I try to go to them, all I get are blank pages.

    My first question is, does the 2011 theme work with BP?
    My second question is, if so, how do I proceed?

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  • @mercime




    Unfortunately as @mercime has stated to use 2011 you will have to go through the process of theme compatibility.

    In a related question, is there a plan to try and make bpuddypress theme independent?

    On the surface it looks to me like it should be possible using some smart and unique CSS class naming that buddy press could be installed as a plugin with a set of additional CSS files rather than replacement CSS files.

    I see in the dev chats that some folk are working on yet another child theme, but to be honest having buddy press so tightly coupled to the theme has been one of the main setbacks of this project (imho)

    Surely the resource and time of these talented and dedicated members would be better spent on decoupling buddy press from the theme rather than creating another theme that existing users are unlikely to benefit from and gives yet another unrequired decision (and potential dead end) during the early process of getting started.

    Buddy press components appear typically in:

    The top navigation (can be handled using the menu builder or manually)
    The main content area
    The side bar
    The buddy bar (now the wordpress tool bar)

    Most themes contain these areas (to be compatible with other plugins) so we must surely be at the stage where serious thought is being given to starting the decoupling process?

    Future versions of buddy press should be tested to death on the wordpress default theme and and let theme owners take it from there.

    Is this possible or it the task immense?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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