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Does Woo Commerce work for Buddypress community memberships?

  • aubreyw


    Does anyone know if BuddyPress is compatible with Woo Commerce memberships if I do NOT have a store or e-commerce component? I’m using wordpress/buddypress with a BuddyBoss theme for an online community where members will pay a small monthly subscription fee. My BuddyPress install came with Woo Commerce, but it looks to me like Woo might be only appropriate for store components. I just need to charge a monthly membership fee via Stripe, protect all pages except Home and a few marketing pages, and I need the ability to add additional custom registration form fields. Sorry, I know this is also somewhat of a Woo questions, but since my BuddyPress came with Woo, I hope its ok to ask this question here. I’ve already tried Paid Memberships Pro and Restrict Content Pro, but neither of them work well with Buddypress (billing works, but page protection doesn’t).

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